Great Jewelry

Turquoise is such a gorgeous stone. I think it is beautiful and I love wearing it. My sister bought me this,and I don’t normally wear big jewelry like this but I really love this piece. I haven’t really seen anything like it and I love how the black stones in it bring it down and not so flashy.

I wore this to a rodeo the other weekend and I got so many compliments on it. It is really my favorite piece of jewelry I have right now. Where she got it, has great prices on great jewelry too. She is an amazing shopper and can save so much money and finds all the great deals. I’m still trying to figure out how she does it. I take her everywhere I go when I need to go shopping for me, because she controls me and helps me find deals and to save money.

Do NOT Complain To A Man

I’ve been complaining about our bedding for a long time now. I’ve been waiting for my husband to come with me to pick out something we both would like. I was gone on a business trip and he called me one day and told me he got me something at Bass Pro Shops. I was all excited to get home, so when I came into our bedroom, I noticed all this camo on our bed. He walks in and says, “how do you like our new bedding?’

All I could do was laugh, and I really did like it. It’s very nice and comfortable too. It’s not what I had in mind, but I can’t complain anymore because he got me a new bed set. Now he always jokes around and says if I complain, don’t leave the house cause he will fix it, but I may not like it. Luckily I loved this bed spread and it fits us so well.

Dress Up With Accessories

I’m not a person who dresses up often, but when I do I love wearing my bling belts. They can dress up any outfit. My birthday was last week and my husband came home with a huge box for me. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to see what he got me. I open the box and there is a new pair of jeans, my favorite candy and this gorgeous belt.

I love turquoise and I just fell in love with this belt. He knows me better than anyone and always knows what to get me. He is a better shopper than I am, and it’s embarrassing. When I need to get a gift for someone I always bring him with, because he knows the perfect gift for everyone. He’s so sweet and it was a great birthday present.

He took me out to eat that night and I was suppose to get “dressed up” and I wore that belt and nice white v-neck and it was a great time. If all else fails, dress up with accessories.

Sep 2012

Jean Lovers

N0 matter what these will always be my favorite jeans. Yes I love my Miss Mes and my Silvers, but these all around Cruel Girl Jeans are my favorite. I can dress up with these but man can I work with them. They are a sturdy jean so when I go out to work the fence line or ride horse, they don’t rip or tear. I love them. They are comfortable and they look good on too.

I like to look good no matter what I am doing, whether it’s going out or working outside in the heat. These jeans go great with a really nice shirt or even  just a t-shirt. You can wear them for anything and everything. I’m not a big fan of having jeans with holes in them, just because I get them in my jeans enough with out the help of the already made holes. I’m very picky when it comes to wearing jeans, but these ones I especially like and they look great on anyone too!

Sep 2012

Tie Blankets For Anyone

  Trying to figure out what to get my boyfriend for his birthday was really hard. I kept thinking about it for over a month. He came over one day and we were watching movies and I remembered that every time he would come over he would always pick out my tie fleece blanket that I have. It’s such an easy gift to do and I was really excited about it.

I bought two different fleece fabrics, one side was the Dallas Cowboys football team, and the other side was just a plain blackish gray color. How to make them is very simple. I pin the two fabrics together, and then go around the entire edge of the blanket and cut in three inches deep by one inch wide.It will look like a bunch of strips around the fabric. After that you really just got to tie them all together. Super easy and a great gift. I know he’s going to like it once he sees it.