Baby Costumes

My friend dressed up her little girl as this cute little flower for work one day and she was so cute! Out of all the costumes I’d seen that day this was my favorite. I called my sister and told her to get this for her little girl for next weekend when they go to the Fall Festival. I haven’t really seen a baby in a costume like this yet, normally they are dressed as cute little animals or bumble bees.

Needless to say, any costume they make for babies or toddlers are so cute!! Why can’t they stay like that all the way up when they are in the teens, instead of skimping out on more and more clothes the older you get. Oh well, that’s how it is these days I guess. My sister has twins and I am so excited to go over on Halloween and see their costumes. She bought a bugs bunny costume and a daffy duck costume and they are so cute!!

Christmas Ideas Already

  I love pajamas! I am always looking for new ones, and I am kind of particular when it comes to picking out what I want. I found this really cute pair at Victoria’s Secret and they are my favorite! They are thermal and so comfortable. I love lounging around in the house in them too. I showed them to my sister in law, and she loves them to and went and bought her a pair too. She got them in the stripes pattern though.

They are perfect for me because when I sleep I get really hot under the covers but my arms are always really cold. The thermal keeps me really warm for my upper body, but lets my legs breathe and be free. I love them and I am almost debating on going and getting another pair too, because I will probably be wearing these alot. I think I found a great Christmas present for my sisters too.

Group Costume Ideas

Me and a group of friends dressed up as characters from Grease for a Halloween party and it was so much fun. I dressed up as sandy in this Grease Rydell High School Cheerleader, two of my friends were ‘Pink’ ladies and then the boys were the ‘T-Birds.’ It was such a good time seeing everybody getting dressed up and getting together. Our group had such a blast and I thought it was a great costume idea for the group. I thought it would be pretty hard to find something for a group to go as, but right when we saw this costume we had an idea.

There were also choices on going with the Scooby Doo gang. But I’m glad we stuck with Grease. The movie is great and the costumes were awesome and fun. Sometimes the costumes you get are uncomfortable and not fun to wear, but everyone in our group was comfortable and loving the idea. I love Halloween,it gives you a chance to see everyone’s creative side.

How To Train Your Dragon

This is really one of my favorite kid movies out there. How to Train Your Dragon was such a cute movie and me and my son love watching it. I’m not a big kids movie fan, but when my sister told me that she watches this movie all the time, even when the kids are sleeping, I had to check it out. Of course I made fun of her, but now I love the movie.

It’s been out for a while I guess, and they came out with a How to Train Your Dragon 2, but I haven’t seen it yet. My sister says were going to get our kids together to watch it, but it’s just an excuse for us to watch it together really. If you haven’t seen it watch it, its really cute and kind of funny too. My son wants to go as Toothless for Halloween. I don’t know how were going to pull it off but I am working on it.

Men’s Costumes

My boyfriend is dressing up like Wilfred for Halloween. I think it is hilarious and all his friends are going to crack up when they see it. We all get together once a week and hangout and play pool and watch Wilfred and just have a good time. I like the costumes that actually will mean something or the ones that are really funny. I’m not a big fan of dressing up for Halloween but with all the friends around and everyone in good spirits, it’s always a great time.

I still haven’t found a costume yet, but of course I wait till the last minute. I’m just excited to see what everyone else has picked out and decided to be this year. It’s always hilarious and I wonder how some of the guys come up with these costume ideas and what they are thinking in their crazy minds. There is always that one person in the group who comes up with something hilarious and you are wondering, “Now why couldn’t I think of that?”