Wedding Tips for Your Bridesmaid Selection

It’s always a privilege and an honor to be appointed or asked to be a bridesmaid, at least for me. I have been in several weddings in my lifetime, but I appreciate each one with the same love and appreciation as all the others. When thinking about asking beloved friends or family members to be a bridesmaid in your wedding, take into consideration these helpful tips.

First, think about those who are most important to you in your life now. You don’t need to ask everyone that ever asked you to be a bridesmaid, in other words don’t feel obligated to ask someone just because you were in their wedding. Friendships change and circumstances change too.

Second, consider how many bridesmaids you want. Don’t just think about walking down the aisle or who is standing up with you, think about how your pictures are going to look, how many gifts you’ll need to buy for each honored maid as this can become quite costly.

Third, once you have the number and identified which lovely ladies you’d like to be in your wedding, think about the color of the bridesmaid dress you would like, not all colors look good on all girls and complexions so be sensitive to what your asking someone to wear.

If you keep these tips in mind, you will have wonderful memories to share with your most beloved women in your life.

Dec 2012

Tradeshow Success Tips

With the new year approaching, trade show season kicks into full swing as companies look to display and promote their new collections and product releases. One of the keys to bringing a good product forward is to have first, a great booth and second, and even better give away. So, I will cover both in this post.

Booths – the key to a great booth is location, location, location. Just like real estate, booth displays are more about where they are located and less about the booth construction, although this does play a small role. But you can work with custom exhibit builders to help make your booth the way you need it and discuss with them the best options for layout and display based on your booth location and set up. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of lighting and electrical outlets to make your booth function – there is nothing worse than wanting to see a new product by a company only to be let down because they cheaped out on the display bones


Giveaways – these can be high end and popular like iPads and cars or they can be small and gimmicky. Whichever way you go based on your budget and needs, make sure it is attention getting. Be creative and don’t be afraid to have fun. Tradeshows are often long and boring for attendees, even if they are excited to go. So, take this as an opportunity to not just draw in potential customers to your booth, but as an opportunity to entertain all who pass by.

Dec 2012
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Mad About Candles

I love candles. I always have. I love walking into a room and having the wonderful fragrance hit right as you enter, but I also just love the look that candles provide. They are not just about decor, but the warm glow gives an ambiance that is unmatched by any other type of fragrance or decor item for that matter.

There are a few tricks to making the most of candles and using them to all of your advantages. First, you always want to make sure the wicks are trimmed. Leaving the wick too long makes for an inefficient candle and presents a safety hazard, so always make sure to trim them prior to lighting.

Second, make sure to keep the color and scent of your candles to a minimum. Stick to a theme and make sure you don’t over do it when adding variety.

Third, it’s okay to mix in different types of brands of candles, but find one brand to be your focal point. I like WoodWick Candles for my home. The reason these beat out all other brands for me is their unique wood wick, hence the name. The wooden wicks make a crackling sound which I love because it turns up the ambiance level a few notches.

Dec 2012
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Celebrity Bumps

So as the year comes to an end, I thought it would be fun to tally the year’s best celebrity bumps, pregnant celebrities if you will because well, there is nothing cuter than a pregnant woman other than the baby she’s carrying around for nine months and celebrities are just more fun to look at than us every day folk. So here it is the top bumps of 2012.

simpson bump

10. Camila Alves – a gorgeous woman
9. Shakira – hope her baby gets her hip moving voice
8. Rochelle Wiseman – beauty and the bump
7. Kristen Bell – Dax Shepherd is just to cute as is Ms. Bell
6. Courtney Kardashian – it was a dashing bump
5. Jessie Baylin – simply because she is wife of Nathan Followill drummer of Kings of Leon)
4. Beyonce – Blue was just too cute for words
3. Kate Middleton – can you go wrong with a royal bump?
2. Jessica Simpson – because one just wasn’t enough
1. Number one we leave to who we think is carrying, child, Kim Kardashian. We’ll have to see if this bump rumor pans out.

Dec 2012
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SEO Then and Now

SEO has come a long way over the years and for the most part it has stayed relatively the same, which is in my book always a testament to whether a tactic or skill has a lifespan worth investing in. When it comes to marketing spend, it can be tough to decide when and how much to spend on online marketing initiatives. SEO has always been an area that I have been willing to invest in because it is one of the few areas of online marketing that has stood the test of time – mainly because it incorporates many of the other strategies that as stand alone techniques, disappear with time.


SEO – search engine optimization is a great ROI, mainly because you know exactly what you are paying for if you have your expectations properly aligned with your budget and willingness to see it through. These days being number one doesn’t entirely correlate to more traffic to your website, often time people still click on ads over organic search results, but not being on the first page, is essentially not worth being on the web period. You can hire companies to take on the monumental task for you, which is highly recommended unless you have a full time in-house staff (not just one person) to handle SEO for you. But the other reason to hire an outside company is you know that they will be aware of and tackling all the latest changes and techniques. Companies like are a great resource for helping small and medium sized businesses make the most of their online marketplace.

Dec 2012