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Summer is fast approaching. Are you ready? I sure am! I can’t wait to start my days of laying out in the sun (don’t worry, I wear sunscreen!), grilling out, camping, playing outside with the kids, taking the dogs on long walks in the evenings once it cools down more, and of course lots of pool time!

With the amount of time I spend outside in the summer and how many activities I like to pack into a day’s time, I don’t like to waste my time in the shower shaving my legs. It takes forever! However, with the amount of time I spend wearing shorts and swimsuits, I really don’t like to let my legs get prickly. Every summer, I schedule routine appointments for leg waxing in Huntington Beach. This way, I don’t have to waste my time with a razor when there is summer fun to be had! :)

Apr 2013

To Nanny or Not To Nanny

I have friends in all spectrums of child care from stay at home moms or dads, to day care centers, to in home nannies to relative care givers and there is no right situation. I think ideally, the majority of parents would prefer to have one parent – most likely mom, be the primary care giver and take care of the kids, but for some that is not ideal and for most – it just isn’t possible.


I have had a nanny for almost a year now and I have to say, it has been the best situation for my family. She comes three days a week and is solely responsible for watching the kids two days a week when I am in the office and one day when I work from home. I am fortunate enough to have a loving mother who lives by who watches the kids the other two days during the work week. I love that my kids get to spend time with the grandma and I know how special that bond will be when they are older.

Nannies on the other hand, are great if you can find a good one. They love your child as if she were her own and yet there is still a line that isn’t crossed. If you are wondering if this is the route to go, it’s worth a shot. The one thing you will want to do is set clear expectations, have an open communication and if you find a good one, give her lots of perks and unexpected treats so that she will stay devoted to you and your family. A little goes a long way.

Also, use a friend or get several reference points, it’s so much better than going blind. is a good source too if you don’t know anyone who could provide a personal recommendation.

Apr 2013

My Dream Vintage Wedding Starts With One of These Beautiful Ornate Engagement Rings

Simone and Son--Vintage


I may not be engaged yet, but like a typical woman, I have my dream wedding planned out. I’m a vintage-inspired woman, so my decision started with a selection or ornate engagement rings.

Also part of my vintage-inspired wedding includes:

blog-vintage frames

Vintage frames are super easy to find. In addition to framing your wedding photos, frame yourselves IN your wedding photos. A couple of months before your wedding, keep your eyes peels


blog-vintage pic

I will be setting the tone for my wedding early on with a vintage-inspired photo shoot for our engagement pictures.

blog-vintage wedding flowers

I want the flowers to be simple, white or ivory, and placed in vintage mason jars at the reception. This is inexpensive, simple, and adds to the theme perfectly.

blog-vintage wedding



Light pink flowers compliment a vintage-inspired wedding perfectly. They are simple yet add a touch to the decor.

What else would make this vintage wedding perfect?

Shopping for Designer Black Leather Handbags From Home!

The weather has been anything but Spring like. Today I find myself curled up on the couch under a blanket, with a cup of hot coffee. Weather like this makes me want to shop online. Since I love finding great deals online, I also love to share what I have found. After all I can’t possibly reap all the benefits to my online shopping obsession. S

image (1)

I was on a mission, I would love to have a new summer bag that is versatile for shopping as well as a day at the beach. I have found a great website that will allow me to shop for designer black leather handbags from home. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to shop from the comforts of their own home, cuddled in there jammies under a blanket?


To give you a look at what our Spring has been like these last week or so, take a look at the weather pictures I posted below. By looking at those you can see why I want a beach bag so I can head to the lake!!

164627_10151336774156109_471236097_n 164986_10151335392696109_170124248_n 375814_10151352339316109_1875941865_n


What’s The Draw? Bomber Suspect’s Rise in Followers

So the younger of the Boston Marathon bombers, 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev had 300 followers on Twitter before the bombs and now close to 100,000 followers. Why would people willingly follow someone like this is beyond me. Is it the curiosity factor, the media trying to get the first scoop, or worst, people out there in the world who somehow applaud this guy?


Social media for sure has its pluses and negatives, but the biggest negative is the spread of lies and untruths simply because anonymity or perceived anonymity is part of the deal.

I for one don’t condone violence of any kind – the whole eye for an eye mentality is a very slippery slope, and with that, where do you draw the line? When does the revenge stop? It doesn’t. That is the problem and when you get idealists and radicals that have no hope on a rampage, there it is just a lose lose situation. What did these two brothers one dead, one still severely injured really achieve? Are their lives any better?

Apr 2013
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