Help! I Can’t Choose Between All of These Gorgeous Unique Engagement Rings






My love for all things online sometimes gets me into trouble. When I decide to use my browsing capabilities for online shopping, I tend to spend a little bit of money. This is because I can see things that I otherwise wouldn’t know existed. I can go online and search for one thing and find a ton of other things that I didn’t even know I wanted until I saw them… and then all of a sudden I need it!

I came across a site with a great selection of unique engagement rings. Since we’ve been talking MARRIAGE lately, I’ve been doing a little bit of light searching and after seeing these beauties, the search got more serious.

I’m not a person that likes ordinary jewelry that everybody else wears. The only problem is that now I can’t decide! I have it narrowed down to these four… What do you think?

simone and son-unique1

simone and son-unique2

simone and son-unique3

simone and son-unique4

How to Brainstorm Blogging Ideas

As a blogger it’s sometimes difficult to always be creating new / unique ideas. Usually when I sit down and dedicate time to blogging I have writers block and can’t for the life of me create a meaningful post. If your a blogger, or writer, you know the feeling. But, whenever I’m cut short for time, under large amounts of stress or have 121390 things going on at once, that is when the big fun ideas come to mind. As a result I have about 89 sticky notes with random ideas on them along with spilt coffee and rips. This is not the way to organize your blogging ideas, but in my twisted little world it has been working. However, I’m ready to really make a change and keep some sort of flow of organization through my blog ideas, follow along with me.

1. Journal: Dedicate 1 notebook, or pad of paper, to blog ideas. Carry it around with you all the time so you can jot down the random ideas that pop into your head. You never know when a good idea will come to mind and it’s helpful to keep all those ideas in one notebook.

2. Develop  If you have written a blog post that was really popular and you noticed positive traction, you should continue with the same idea but expand it. If you think about one idea (lets say, how to clean carpet) there are a million ways you could talk about cleaning carpet. Keep going with the idea. Follow popular posts by readers and go off of that same idea.

3. Relate: One thing that always catches reader’s eyes is current news. Whether that be national, local, celebrity related, make it relevant to your topic/industry. This usually calls for unique creative ideas and those are the posts that readers are interested in. Also, it promotes social shares!

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What Makes A Great Blog?

There are tons of great blogs out there, but what makes the great ones, well, great? It’s all about serving up fresh, interesting content on a frequent basis and picking and sticking to a theme. In celebration of some of the best blogs I frequent, here is my top 3 list. is great for a quick good laugh or to feel better about yourself. The collection of “I’m trying to be polite but I’m really being a bigger @$$hole than you because of the nice note I’m leaving you.” is like your best girlfriend on the web. This fun, timely blog created by Gwyneth Paltrow. It’s a site dedicated to all the wonderful things in life worth celebrating and sharing. From recipes to outfits, fashion tips and the latest news, this is one of those sites that is worth visiting on a weekly basis.

Want to keep up with current events happening in the White House but don’t have time to read? Check out the White House’s Photo Album on Flickr.

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FREE Social Media Buttons

When first creating a blog or website it’s important to attach social media buttons that link to your social networks. When starting up, or beginning a new venture, it’s hard to find the time to create personalized social buttons. You may possibly not know how to create them either. I always think it’s cute when social buttons are personalized and fit with the overall theme of the blog/site. Here is some really cute (and FREE) social buttons you can easily add to your site.







What is the Path App?

For some reason lately my news-feed and friends have all been drooling over the Path app. What is the path app? Path is a social networking site, similar to Instagram, where friends can share images and messaging. It was created in 2010 by Dave Morin who envisioned, “Our long-term grand vision here is to build a network that is very high quality and that people feel comfortable contributing to at any time” The app is now available for iPhone and Androids.

Why the sudden urge to download Path?

Google glass has something to do with it. According to Path is said to possibly be the ultimate app for Google Glass, which is a pair of technology glasses created by Google. I downloaded it myself to see what the hype was about and wasn’t very excited about it. I’m a little confused about how to work it and haven’t seen any of my Facebook, Twitter or Gmail contacts active on it either. I’m not sure if this is an app that I could really get into. What do you think?


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