How to Make an Infographic, the Easy and Cheap Way

Are you a blogger or do you heavily search the web? If you are, or even if you aren’t, you have seen infographics everywhere and should have a pretty good idea about their popularity and importance. Why do people love infographics? Because they are a visual snapshot of what you are saying summed up through images. It’s easy to read and you gain lots of information in a short amount of time. Who has the time, or energy, to read a long article when it’s easier to look at one infographic and grasp the same info.

What is an infographic?

infographic  : information graphics or infographics are a graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge.

An example of an infographic, cute and quick to read right?


Want to create a professional looking step by step guide to a DIY project, picture collage or statistical infographic? Follow these steps to make your own!

First of all, I have to say I’m not to smooth on Photoshop (I’ll let it be known) I can’t understand the layering system and I want an easier way to quickly add pictures and captions, without worrying about layers. I registered for PicMonkey, which is a free website. You can use the basic elements of PicMonkey for free or you can pay $5.00/month to have access to all features (which I highly recommend) I find myself using this program ALL THE TIME!

Once you have registered for PicMonkey you can either edit a photo or create a collage. More than likely you will want to “edit a photo” You have the ability to create a blog header, social icons, infographics, Facebook cover photos etc.

Now comes the fun part ….

TO Create a Collage

Photo editor - PicMonkey- Free Online Photo Editing

1. Click on the symbol on left hand side (where I have circled) You can choose between a ton of different collage templates. You can also get rid of boxes by clicking on the little x on the right hand corner


2. Add your images to PicMonkey by clicking on the top symbol in left hand side (I have circled) Then click on “add photos” to add your personal images. Drag your images over to the position you want them.

3. You can customize your collage by clicking on the other symbols. You can change the background color, round corners of your images, change the lighting etc..

4. Once you have created your desired infographic save it ….

To Edit a Photo

1. Click on “edit photo” and choose an image saved on your computer

2. Here you have a lot more customization options. You can add themes, text and different symbols.

3. After I add an image I click on the Shapes symbol, then click on “geometric” and choose a rectangle or square. I then block out the whole image with a solid color I want as the background to my infographic. Once I get the color I want I right click and hit “send to back” that way I don’t have to worry about it moving around.

4. Now you can add symbols or text to create a simple banner, icon or infographic. I usually use this tool to create a cute title to catch my readers eyes. Have fun playing around with it!


May 2013

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