Why Everybody is Talking About Stators, Rotors and the Moving Coil Windings Has

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I read a fair amount of blogs. Okay, I read a TON of blogs every day. It’s kind of my passion! Instead of a magazine subscription, I would much rather subscribe to blogs… Plus they’re FREE to read!

I’ve come across a couple of postings about this company called Windings. My guy is into all of this stuff, so I had to check it out for myself. We went on the website and found a ton of impressive stuff. We were amazed by the stators, rotors, and moving coil Windings has to offer! I couldn’t believe that instead of just offering the sale of these parts, they also offer material management, next level assembly, and even advice on your project.

If I were working on a project, I would definitely want these guys backing me up. I can see why I’ve seen so many blogs about them!

Jun 2013
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Blogging – A Hobby or a Job?

Blogging has blown up into a huge industry both for businesses and individuals. Businesses are using blogs as a way to gain back links, exposure and brand awareness. Blogs help customers get a glimpse of a business more in depth. If customers are seeking more information, blog posts are a way to give customers just that. On the other hand, many have taken up blogging as a job or a hobby. But the fact is, blogging is more of a job than a hobby.

Writing, whether for recreation or marketing purposes, takes time, effort, and lots of brain power. Blogging requires creative thinking, professional writing skills, and lots of trial and error. In order to create quality, unique content bloggers need to set up photo opps using cameras, tripods, and specific lighting. When blogging about something such as fashion or food they need to mix and match outfits or ingredients to create something unique that nobody else has. Edit the images in Photoshop and create tutorials on their blogs. This takes time, effort, brain power and money. Although it is known to be fun, it is a lot of work! (I”ll step off my soap box now)

Jun 2013

Facebook Marketing 101

As we all know marketing now revolves around social media sites, Facebook especially. Businesses are finding ways to creatively post on their customer’s timelines without pushing their products down customer’s throats. How are they doing this?  Through inspirational stories, special coupons, tips, or tid bits of valuable information to their customer base. Marketing in this “day and age” is a bit of a struggle. With companies forced to think out of the box, patience and experimentation is necessary.

With social media platforms changing daily, social media marketing for businesses has become a full time job in itself. However, not every business can afford to hire a full time social media manager so how can you, the business owner, keep up with your social media, exclusively Facebook? Follow these Facebook 101 Tips

1. Check your Insights – Your insights are those graphs located at the top of you page once you are logged in. Look at the individual posting analytics to see how customers are reacting to certain posts. Keep interaction flowing by posting ways customers are reacting to.

2. Experiment! Don’t always post images, or always post videos. Mix it up a bit!

3. Have Fun – your audience is on Facebook to have fun, so relate fun events with your brand to keep their interest at peak

4. Cross Promote- share your content from other social media platforms on Facebook. Instagram a photo? Share it on Facebook. Added a pin to Pinterest? Share it on Facebook.

Massages in Huntington Beach for the Blogger

If you are a blogger or work at a desk on a computer all day, you know the neck pain and stiffness I’m talking bout. After working 40 hours per week on a computer your whole body becomes stiff and sore with lots of neck knots and back kinks, alright, I’m sounding really old now but seriously. What do I do to relieve this pain?

I always have essential oils on hand next to my computer to apply to neck pain and headaches. I practice certain stretches to get the blood flowing, take walks on my breaks and sit on an exercise ball instead of a chair the whole day. I also go in for regular massages in Huntington Beach, where my favorite day spa is located. I notice that by doing a combination of all these things, helps my body reduce pain and stiffness. What are your secrets?

An Online Review For These Orange County Jewelers

Simone & Son--Engagement Ring Halo Cut


I love coming across different websites while I’m blogging. It’s a great way to explore and fall in love with sites that I may not have been able to find otherwise. Instead of the online shopping habits that it has definitely instilled in me, I instead look at it as a great opportunity!

I love these Orange County Jewelers that I found. They have an AMAZING selection of wedding bands for both men and women, engagement rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, and even loose diamonds and gems. They even specialize in the custom design and creation of engagement rings and wedding bands. That means if you want a ring that they don’t have, they will create it just for you! Being a unique person myself, it really doesn’t get much better.

What are some great websites you’ve found along the way?