Best Times to Post on Social Media

Social Media is now expected as a marketing avenue for many businesses. If your business isn’t active on social media sites, they are either 1.) making so much money they don’t need them or 2.) are behind on the times.

Chances are your business lies in the 2nd category.

But don’t worry, everyone has to start somewhere and as the saying goes “Better to start now then never”. So go ahead and start building up your social media profiles. Do some research on each social avenue so you know which is best for your business and where you will get the most bang for your buck.

Once you have your social media profiles up and running it’s time to post some content on them. Make sure to be consistent about this. If you aren’t updating them, you don’t have any information to offer your customers and they won’t stick around.

Your customers want to see whitty, fun short postings that give them added value.

So what are the best times of the day to post on your social media profiles?

I found this interesting infographic and thought it would be helpful to some. These are the best and worst times to post on your social media profiles according to

When to post on social media platforms



Pinterest Introduces More Useful Features for Business Profiles

Pinterest – an online virtual board of magazine collages and images.

Pinterest is personally one of my all time favorite social media sites. I could do spend all day browsing, pinning and adding images. It’s so addicting, if you have been active on it you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t been on this site, you are seriously missing out. Every image is full of inspiration, ideas, how to’s, tutorials, etc.

A tip to remember when signing up for a profile: Beware, you will be addicted and spend lots of your time on it.

Pinterest, although highly addictive for the user, is now showing quite success for businesses. Social Media Marketing has evolved into creating return on investment for many businesses within the fashion, crafting, hands on, image based industries. Pinterest recently added the Rich Pins feature, which allows users to view more information right on the pin such as where to buy the product, how much it costs and whether it is in stock or not, this encourages more conversion. This feature is available for pins that are either products, movies or recipes.

I have to add Rich Pins are quite useful if you are serious about making those chocolate chip cookies, buying those jeans or renting that DVD. For users it is helpful, for businesses it encourages conversion, which is usually the main goal. Not only has Pinterest recently introduced this but it has also started incorporating browser memory.

According to Mashable, “Pinterest announced on Friday that it is rolling out a few new features, including personalized pin and board recommendations based on the sites you visit.”

“In addition to browser tracking, Pinterest may show you pins from users with similar interests, and also use your gender or location to select pins for you.”

What do you think of the latest Pinterest feature? I find it personally helpful but think it will tack on a lot more time of me finding more things I like!

Taking the Day Off for Facials Orange County Spa Offers

Tomorrow I will be taking off the day of usual blogging for a relaxing spa day. Of course I can’t wait. some may consider my job “easy” or “simple” sitting at a desk typing on a computer is hard on my fingers, wrists and neck.

Sure this may come off as me “complaining” but I can tell that my wrists and fingers are taking a beating from the repetitive motions of typing and clicking. If you hold a desk job, you also know what I’m talking about. They say there isn’t much you can do but stretch and take breaks. I found this really helpful blog post about special stretches and yoga moves you can do to help keep the blood moving and stretch stiff sore muscles in the neck and tops of shoulders. I tried them and found them to actually help ease the tension a bit. I still actually do them at least once or twice everyday.

Follow the full office stretch tutorial here.

So tomorrow I’m taking a step back from the computer and making room for some me time. It is much needed. I gathered up a few of my close friends and we are heading to take full advantage of some cheap offers I found online. The offer is good for discounted massages or facials orange county spa is offering. I’m thinking I will do both :) Why not?

Sweet dreams readers, make sure you set aside some time for you to rejuvenate and step away from that desk!

How to Wear a Button Up [infographic]

A button up is a classic piece in many women’s wardrobe but are there any other ways to wear other than just as a button up? (confused yet?)

I don’t like purchasing clothing items unless they serve a double duty. Why buy one top when you can only wear it that one way? I would much rather invest in a peice of clothing that will carry me through the months, even years, and give me more versatile ways to wear it.

When it comes to a button up shirt, don’t just think of it as an office piece. Think of it as a piece of clothing that can mix and match with plenty of other items you already own (over a camisole, as a bikini cover up). They serve a double purpose which is why I don’t have a problem investing in a few different colors and patterns. Of course there are different styles so I would suggest investing in more of a gauzy material (for Spring and Summer months) and a classic crisp white button down that can be worn in the office, under a cardigan or with a pair of dark denim.

So cute! And helpful!

image source

Jul 2013

For the Beginners: Blogging 101

Congratulations! You have created your first blog. Now what?


Blogging has become a popular past time for many. Whether talking about your secret recipes, sharing your favorite wardrobe pics or displaying your latest photography, blogging is part an online journal and part a hobby. Many create a blog with good intentions but end up leaving it blank because they simply don’t know the next steps to take. It can be overwhelming to jump into the saturated blogging world when you haven’t even gotten your feet wet yet. Don’t worry, every blogger, whether they have thousands of visitors or not had to start in your same position. Don’t be intimidated, blogging is meant to be fun not stressful.

Blogging 101 – Blogging from the Beginning

Tips to Keep in Mind

1. Keep it visually appealing: what’s popular now? Images, and lots of them. As humans we are visual creatures so feed into that. Take lots of pictures. They don’t need to be done with a fancy schmancy camera, I use my iPhone, just make sure you have lots of different angled images.

2. Don’t forget to edit your images: Don’t make the rookie mistake that many beginner bloggers make, don’t forget to edit your images. When I say “edit your images” I’m referring to cleaning them up with filters, re-sizing them so they fit nicely in your blog and of course adding your blog logo/name onto the image. There is nothing worse than one of your images going viral on a social network without your credit on the image!

3. Be Social: Share your blog posts on social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest and Stumble Upon. Don’t forget to let your friends and family know about your blog and ask them to share the love.

4. Make Social Profiles: Create social media profiles for your blog (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram …) and post your blog images to them. Run a few contests or promotions to get them off their feet.

5. Be consistent: If you take one piece of information from this blog post take this piece of advice, be consistent. Being consistent with your content will help you “break in your blog”. If you want tons of new and re-visiting visitors you better post new unique content for them to check out. Nothing is more boring than a blog that is never updated.