Funniest Miley Cyrus Memes

So it’s no surprise, we have all seen Miley Cyrus’s performance at the 2013 VMA’s weather you tuned in live or not. The whole week has been criticizing her ridiculous performance and has created such a large buzz, as large as 9/11 (according to CNN). I didn’t watch the VMA’s because I honestly can’t really stand this generation’s music but I couldn’t miss seeing it on every single website out there the next day, and even on a Friday am still seeing it show up everywhere.

We all knew there would be funny memes and blog posts about this – it’s pure entertainment. However, has Miley become a pure branding genius? She’s pulling the Lady Gaga stunt – wearing outrageous outfits, singing obnoxious songs and making ridiculous scenes in public. What’s the outcome? Although we may think of them as crazy, they are getting our attention. And everyone, I mean everyone is talking about them. Miley 1 ?

8 Miley Cyrus Memes to Help You Laugh Away the Horror

12 Comedian Quote Inspirations

As the week winds down, I found these quotes by comedians to be very inspiring. There is a moment in everyone’s life where they realize the effect they have on their job and how they can better their life. As a recent college graduate I’m very determined and ready to work hard at achieving my life long dream of being the business woman in the pencil skirt. I have had this dream since I was about 10 and still have it. Maybe I will hate it and maybe I will love it but I won’t know until I try.

I know people’s careers aren’t created overnight and I’m okay with that. Right now I’m happy with where I’m at. Not to come off as cocky but I know great things are going to happen to me because of my attitude. Unlike many others my age, I work hard. Whenever people say they will “do their best” but they really just do the bare minimum to get by, that’s not me. When I say I’m going to do something I’m going to do it, 150%. I want to be the best and I want to work hard for it. Bring on the challenge!

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Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners

If you have never been on Photoshop or are just getting started, it’s very, very overwhelming. I am familiar with Photoshop but by no means have the ability to maneuver around it smoothly. There are tons of tools I don’t even know exist yet or how to use them. I’m a season Pic Monkey user but need to brush up on my Photoshop skills. I think Photoshop is learned through experience, kind of a self teaching type of thing, however I need some sort of guidance to get started.

These beginner tutorials help you through the basics of Photoshop. Once you get the hang of these you will be able to apply other tools. It all takes practice and time, which I just don’t really have to be putzing around on Photoshop, as does nobody else. These tutorials help get the wheels rolling. The thing I have the most trouble with is the layers. I usually get the layers messed up and need to work on that.

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How Google AdWords Work – Infographic

Just last week Google announced that organic and search reports will be available on Google AdWords, but how does AdWords work?

In order to read these reports and gain a full understanding of them, it’s first important to know the implications of AdWords, otherwise what’s the point of the report. I found this interesting infographic laying out how AdWords works in a simple form. Google AdWords is an advertising platform utilizing specific keywords to your business. You as the business owner are able to control which keywords you use, what time they ads are shown, what audience they are shown to, where you want your advertisements to go and how much money you want to spend.
Knowing your specific target audience and the keywords they use is crucial to your AdWords success. You may choose a budget and you will only be charged once someone clicks on your ad. These ads show up on the right hand side and above search results. If your website isn’t up to par or on top of SERPS for organic search this may be an option for you, however, be aware of the short term profits and ad expenses.

Waarop is de kwaliteit score van Adwords gebaseerd?

Your Daily Blogging Checklist

growing your blog business

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Sometimes managing more than one blog or social network can get confusing and overwhelming. I’m the type of person that gets easily distracted and I need a written out daily schedule.

Every morning I write to do’s for myself and make it a goal to cross them all off of my list. If I don’t get them all done that day I write them in for the next day, along with side notes and updates. And yes you read that right, I write them out. I use an old fashioned notebook to write down to dos because if I don’t get to physically cross them off my list I don’t feel I accomplished anything. As more to do’s come throughout the day I start my next day with those items. This process keeps going through the week and I have found it be successful for me.

That’s not to say that this method works for everyone, it took me awhile to figure how I operate. I notice I get a lot more done in a day if I alot certain times of the day to certain activities. This blogging check list also helps. I find what tasks I need to do for the day and add them to my written to do list. I update the daily blogging checklist with new updates and keep chugging away till the week is over and all to do’s are complete!