Where to Find the Best Plus Size Clothing Online

Being online all day is a real tease to shop! Like many, my job requires me sitting in front of a computer all day online, you know what comes out of this? Lots of online shopping. Not that it’s a bad thing :) I always know where the best deals are and am beginning to prefer online shopping vs. mall shopping. Although it’s a fun past time, shopping at the mall is exhausting and full of people. I usually find a lot better deals online. If I’m not buying online I’m at least looking at stores before I head into them.

This past weekend I went to H&M and I think they changed the sizes of all of their bottoms. Either I have gone up 4 sizes or they changed their sizing. And I know I haven’t gone up 4 sizes because I wear the same size I have for years. Anyways, I don’t see how real women will fit into their skirts, pants and even dresses. Well I did a little research and found a place with clothing similar to H&M but with normal fitting plus size clothing. Although H&M is relatively low priced, this place is even lower. To see what I’m talking about, click here to start shopping.

Bryan Cranston is Back!

Earlier this week Apple revealed it’s newest products, and Wednesday I chatted about my opinion on them. I am was  a huge fan of Breaking Bad, seriously heartbroken now that it is over. Of course I was browsing on Mashable, when I read that Bryan Cranston is voicing the new Apple commercial. When I listen to it it just reminds me of his character in Breaking Bad. I think he will always be Walter White to me.

Apple sure does know what effective marketing and advertising is, no surprise there. They have always been a step ahead of everyone with their products and with their marketing. This commercial is of course like the rest, simple and tot he point. It’s short and shows the user the product attributes, which is not typically done very well. I love that they used Bryan Cranston’s voice, it’s a nice touch. It will also gain much attention from the media world, smart move Apple.

New iPad Reveal

Yesterday Apple revealed it’s latest iPads. The iPad mini will still be apart of the new line along with the iPad air, which includes processor software and screen resolution. They all run the same apps. The battery life is also expected to be 10 hours. Did you tune into the latest Apple product reveal?

I am a huge Apple fan myself and own an iPad, to be honest I don’t think Apple has lived up to it’s expectations since Steve Jobs passed away. To me an iPad is an iPad is an iPad. Switching up the screen or the weight of it doesn’t give much improvement. I’m looking for something really worth buying. The tablet market is in full swing, what can Apple really do besides making a few minor upgrades? I’m not to impressed, how about you?

Halloween Photoshop Tutorials

Can you believe that Halloween is in a week? I can’t. I feel like I was just lounging in the lake on a floatie for 4th of July. I can’t believe October is just about over, that really flew by. Although Halloween is probably my favorite holiday, it doesn’t feel like that time of the year. Most of the states have already had snowfall, my state included, so it feels like an odd time. Fall with snow? Not used to that.

I wanted to get myself into the spirit a little more so I found this inspiration Halloween Photoshop Ideas. With full tutorials you can make anyone look spooky, it just looks like really good Halloween makeup. I’m no pro when it comes to Photoshop so I really value these step by step tutorials. If you are a newbie with Photoshop or your interested to re-create some of these creepy looks follow the link here.

Use Google Analytics for Content Writing

I browse through Mashable every few days and found the article, “How to Use Google Analytics to Create Killer Content“, which was pretty interesting. If you haven’t used Google Analytics before or have it but don’t use it, you should. First of all it is FREE, second of all it shows a lot of valuable information. The trouble is understanding all of that information that is being presented, which is where I struggle. I wish I knew more about Google Analytics and how to read them. I am going to utilize the Google Analytics You Tube channel and watch some webinars so I have a better idea.

I understand basic parts of Analytics but would really love to be able to dig in fully. This article shows and explains parts of Google Analytics that you should pay attention to. It explains how tailoring your content to what your user is doing via Analytics will help you create that killer content. We all know “content is king” and although it may be cliche, it truly is. Take note from this article and get your content more tailored to your audience.

Oct 2013