Unique Peninsula Display for Holiday Marketing

Holiday marketing has been in full swing for a few months. With companies beginning holiday marketing even earlier this year, some in September already, it’s no surprise that companies are thinking out of the box when it comes to strategy. Not putting all their eggs in one basket, companies are reaching out marketing efforts to social media, online, TV ads and online ads, among many other avenues.

Still in the running, trade shows showcase high importance, especially for an extra boost during the holidays. Stand out from the crowd with a unique peninsula display to catch more eyes during the holiday. Market a steep discount or hot new product for customers to get excited about. Don’t forget about catchy advertisements that get people laughing, like Kmart’s famous, “Shipped my pants” holiday edition.

What new trends have you noticed during this year’s holiday marketing?

Online Holiday Shopping – Discounted Coach Handbags

I know I talk a lot about online shopping, being active online all day has it’s perks. I used to enjoy going to malls to shop, more than shopping online, but lately I have really been leaning more towards online shopping. Although shopping in a store has benefits, such as trying on and seeing the product physically, online shopping also has it’s perks, no lines or dealing with huge holiday crowds.

I usually won’t go shopping unless it’s during the week, in the evenings or online, especially for the holidays. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday next week, the sales are better than ever, and most of the time the same deals are also available online! Why would you go out in the Black Friday madness when you can get the same deal with the click of a button at home? I just found the cutest discounted Coach handbags online, at home in my pjs! Most times stores will have exclusive deals for online shoppers, which is how I got my Coach bags. I just haven’t’ decided if I will keep them or give them as gifts, like my plan was :)

My Healthy Transistion, Starting With Body Treatments Huntington Beach

Glass Water Bottle + Silicone Sleeve (Fog)

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, I’m working on it. Rather than completely changing my lifestyle overnight I’m making small strides to live a long lasting healthy life. I have been incorporating more vegetables and organic meats into my diet and trying to exercise 3-4 times per week. I don’t want to drastically change because I know I won’t keep up with it. I’m not willing to cut out snacks or “bad foods” forever. I still love my pizza and candy!

I have also been making my own soaps and lotions to get away from store bought products with unknown ingredients. I have noticed my skin is much more hydrated and I will continue making my own beauty goods. I have also started to get regular massages and body treatments Huntington Beach offers. By pushing out toxins in my body with body treatments, such as a body wrap, along with regular exercise, I have noticed I haven’t been sick yet. It just goes to show that when you make small steps, you stick with the plan. Start by adding more vitamins to your diet, drinking more water, or walking every morning. Although these seem like miniscule tasks, you will convert to a healthier lifestyle that sticks.

Where to Find the Best Plus Size Clothing Online

Being online all day is a real tease to shop! Like many, my job requires me sitting in front of a computer all day online, you know what comes out of this? Lots of online shopping. Not that it’s a bad thing :) I always know where the best deals are and am beginning to prefer online shopping vs. mall shopping. Although it’s a fun past time, shopping at the mall is exhausting and full of people. I usually find a lot better deals online. If I’m not buying online I’m at least looking at stores before I head into them.

This past weekend I went to H&M and I think they changed the sizes of all of their bottoms. Either I have gone up 4 sizes or they changed their sizing. And I know I haven’t gone up 4 sizes because I wear the same size I have for years. Anyways, I don’t see how real women will fit into their skirts, pants and even dresses. Well I did a little research and found a place with clothing similar to H&M but with normal fitting plus size clothing. Although H&M is relatively low priced, this place is even lower. To see what I’m talking about, click here to start shopping.

Taking the Day Off for Facials Orange County Spa Offers

Tomorrow I will be taking off the day of usual blogging for a relaxing spa day. Of course I can’t wait.

http://blog.hiredmyway.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/office_stretches.jpgAlthough some may consider my job “easy” or “simple” sitting at a desk typing on a computer is hard on my fingers, wrists and neck.

Sure this may come off as me “complaining” but I can tell that my wrists and fingers are taking a beating from the repetitive motions of typing and clicking. If you hold a desk job, you also know what I’m talking about. They say there isn’t much you can do but stretch and take breaks. I found this really helpful blog post about special stretches and yoga moves you can do to help keep the blood moving and stretch stiff sore muscles in the neck and tops of shoulders. I tried them and found them to actually help ease the tension a bit. I still actually do them at least once or twice everyday.

Follow the full office stretch tutorial here.

So tomorrow I’m taking a step back from the computer and making room for some me time. It is much needed. I gathered up a few of my close friends and we are heading to take full advantage of some cheap offers I found online. The offer is good for discounted massages or facials orange county spa is offering. I’m thinking I will do both :) Why not?

Sweet dreams readers, make sure you set aside some time for you to rejuvenate and step away from that desk!