Secret Sauce to Retain Customers

If you own an online business or work in the marketing/advertising field you understand how important customer retention is. The ability for a company to prospect new clients successfully as well as retain existing clients is what separates success from failure. There may be some companies that do exceptionally well at prospecting new clients, however if they can’t retain them or their existing clientele there is no way they will succeed.

I found an interesting article stated, “The Secret Sauce Formula for Retaining Customers [INFOGRAPHIC]”, I love a good infographic. I found this article really interesting, here are the reasons customers stay or go away:

Why They Go Away: 82% of consumers in the U.S. said they stopped doing business with a company due to poor customer experience.

Why They Stay: 92% of consumers say the would go back to a company after a negative experience, if they received an apology and/or a discount and/or offered proof of enhanced customer service.

I can’t say I find this hard to believe, as I reflect on my own personal experience. However, knowing this, it seems like an easy fix. Companies that want to succeed and keep clients should do one simple thing: improve customer service. To break it down further, communication. Communication is key in relationships whether they are business or casual. Keep your existing clients happy and show your positive customer service to new clients to keep them on board.

customer retention (Infographic)


12 Comedian Quote Inspirations

As the week winds down, I found these quotes by comedians to be very inspiring. There is a moment in everyone’s life where they realize the effect they have on their job and how they can better their life. As a recent college graduate I’m very determined and ready to work hard at achieving my life long dream of being the business woman in the pencil skirt. I have had this dream since I was about 10 and still have it. Maybe I will hate it and maybe I will love it but I won’t know until I try.

I know people’s careers aren’t created overnight and I’m okay with that. Right now I’m happy with where I’m at. Not to come off as cocky but I know great things are going to happen to me because of my attitude. Unlike many others my age, I work hard. Whenever people say they will “do their best” but they really just do the bare minimum to get by, that’s not me. When I say I’m going to do something I’m going to do it, 150%. I want to be the best and I want to work hard for it. Bring on the challenge!

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Thank GIF It’s Friday

Happy Friday Readers! I’m in the nerdy mood today wishing everyone a Thank GIF it’s Friday. Awhile ago I found the most hilarious Tumblr called what should we call me, seriously if you have time check it out. This tumblr is full of GIFs that are spot on. They are so hilarious you will find yourself browsing for hours on it laughing out loud to yourself, oh wait that’s only me …

Most of the posts are targeted towards recent college grads or young adults, but everyone can relate to them. Whoever thinks these up is hilarious. If you are ever having a bad day look at this. It’s updated often, I go on it everyday and still see new posts. I find myself laughing out loud to this when I’m at work in my office or at home alone. It is one of those good humor, not dirty, funny blogs. So worth looking at.


Pinteresting Infographic

Pinterest is one of the funnest social sites to be on, my personal opinion. I can do spend many hours browsing on it, I waste lots of time pinning. It gets me inspired to create new outfits, re-do thrifty furniture and get my booty on the treadmill. I love the idea of real people sharing real ideas, it’s humble and I appreciate that. Not only do I pin for myself, but I also post on the behalf of businesses.

Businesses, both small and large, are reaching a profit off customers via social networks, Pinterest being one of them. The image based social site brings in tons of gawkers for hours, including myself. Most social media users spend a lot more time on Pinterest then they do any other social site #guilty. This means Pinterest brings in a lot more revenue compared to other social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. Check out this pinteresting infographic that lays out the purchasing power of Pinterest.

#Pinterest purchasing

5 Steps to a More Secure WordPress Blog

If you have a WordPress blog or website, you have probably been under attack by a hacker or heard from someone who has. According to Sucuri, 30 to 40 thousand attacks per day were the norm during the months prior to April. In April 2013, that number increased to 77,000 per day on average, reaching more than 100,000 attempts per day. That is good odds for hackers, bad odds for you.

Although you will never be able to stop a hacker – they have their sneaky ways of getting through, you can do everything in your power to try to stop them. Don’t become part of the hacker statistic. Follow these simple steps to ensure that your site is not hacked.

1. Update plugins – make sure to take a few minutes and download those plug-in updates. If you don’t, it gives hackers a way to break in – don’t ask me how, they are technology ninjas.

2. Only have 1 theme – If you were browsing at different themes and downloading them to preview, make sure to delete the ones not in use. This also gives hackers a way into your site. Delete the old ones and only keep your current theme.

3. Go through Comments – make sure to filter through your comments and get rid of spam and junk. Download the akismet plugin, it filters your comments for you.

4. Delete unused plugins – just as you should delete old themes, delete old plug ins not in use. There is no reason for them to be sitting on your site un-used.

5. Download plugins for security – Download plugins to help stop those hackers. One to for sure download is the admin username changer – which makes your login information more secure.

6. Update WordPress Version – make sure to download the newest version of WordPress so your site is up to date. These updates usually include patches to security holes in the older version.

7. Secure Log in Information – change your username/password every once in awhile to ensure hackers are blocked. Use numbers, letters, upper case, blood sweat and tears (haha, but seriously).