Unique Peninsula Display for Holiday Marketing

Holiday marketing has been in full swing for a few months. With companies beginning holiday marketing even earlier this year, some in September already, it’s no surprise that companies are thinking out of the box when it comes to strategy. Not putting all their eggs in one basket, companies are reaching out marketing efforts to social media, online, TV ads and online ads, among many other avenues.

Still in the running, trade shows showcase high importance, especially for an extra boost during the holidays. Stand out from the crowd with a unique peninsula display to catch more eyes during the holiday. Market a steep discount or hot new product for customers to get excited about. Don’t forget about catchy advertisements that get people laughing, like Kmart’s famous, “Shipped my pants” holiday edition.

What new trends have you noticed during this year’s holiday marketing?

Wanelo – Want, Need, Love

I am a social media guru, I love playing around on the sites and expressing myself. My favorite sites include product driven, such as Pinterest or Polyvore. I have also been loving Wanelo and We Hear it. If you love image based social sites where your able to see unique items and share your interests via images, these are the sites for you to be on, if you aren’t already. I read an article on Mashable about Wanelo and how it gives the user a different experience than most sites, also promoting conversion more frequently which is always at the top of anyone’s list.


Wanelo, which stands for want, need, love, is a content driven site. Rather than having annoying ads around the screen, you will notice a really simplistic site focused on products. What I love about the site is that you get to follow who you want and see the content you want. By following your favorite stores (mine are Free People, Forever 21, Asos, Urban Outfitters) you will be exposed to only their items. You can add your own products and browse around at new stuff too. If you love to shop get on Wanelo!

My Healthy Transistion, Starting With Body Treatments Huntington Beach

Glass Water Bottle + Silicone Sleeve (Fog)

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, I’m working on it. Rather than completely changing my lifestyle overnight I’m making small strides to live a long lasting healthy life. I have been incorporating more vegetables and organic meats into my diet and trying to exercise 3-4 times per week. I don’t want to drastically change because I know I won’t keep up with it. I’m not willing to cut out snacks or “bad foods” forever. I still love my pizza and candy!

I have also been making my own soaps and lotions to get away from store bought products with unknown ingredients. I have noticed my skin is much more hydrated and I will continue making my own beauty goods. I have also started to get regular massages and body treatments Huntington Beach offers. By pushing out toxins in my body with body treatments, such as a body wrap, along with regular exercise, I have noticed I haven’t been sick yet. It just goes to show that when you make small steps, you stick with the plan. Start by adding more vitamins to your diet, drinking more water, or walking every morning. Although these seem like miniscule tasks, you will convert to a healthier lifestyle that sticks.

How to Wear a Button Up [infographic]

A button up is a classic piece in many women’s wardrobe but are there any other ways to wear other than just as a button up? (confused yet?)

I don’t like purchasing clothing items unless they serve a double duty. Why buy one top when you can only wear it that one way? I would much rather invest in a peice of clothing that will carry me through the months, even years, and give me more versatile ways to wear it.

When it comes to a button up shirt, don’t just think of it as an office piece. Think of it as a piece of clothing that can mix and match with plenty of other items you already own (over a camisole, as a bikini cover up). They serve a double purpose which is why I don’t have a problem investing in a few different colors and patterns. Of course there are different styles so I would suggest investing in more of a gauzy material (for Spring and Summer months) and a classic crisp white button down that can be worn in the office, under a cardigan or with a pair of dark denim.

So cute! And helpful!

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Jul 2013

Best Online Shopping Deals – Waxing Poetic

Have you picked up any ads recently? If you have, you have probably already seen the bad news…school supplies are already being advertised. Sorry kids, school will be here before we know it and retailers are stocking up early, getting ready for booming sales in the upcoming weeks. What does that mean for the rest of us? Major Summer clearance sales.

There is nothing I love more than some clearance items, blowout sales and free shipping. At the beginning of the Summer season I research my fav picks then wait till they go on sale and purchase with the click of my mouse. With deep discounts on Summer items – how ridiculous Summer isn’t even over – there usually comes free shipping, right up my alley. I just ordered some maxi skirts from GoJane, sandals from Target and Waxing Poetic jewelry from Lampstand. What’s next on the list? I want a huge party barge for laying out in the water, coming up shortly.