Social Media’s Outrageous Reaction Nelson Mandelia’s Death

This past Thursday, South Africa’s former president passed away. The iconic symbol of peace leaves a legacy after his death. Many, not from South Africa, looked up to Mandelia because of his powerfully humane way of leading. A very respectful idol passed away in peace and will always be remembered.

Millions reacted via Social Media. According to Mashable, Twitter, users generated 7.2 million tweets about his death, including a peak of 95,000 tweets per minute, according to a Twitter spokesperson.

Barack Obama tweeted this: “Let us pause and give thanks for the fact that Nelson Mandela lived—a man who took history in his hands and bent the arc of the moral universe toward justice.” —President Obama

"Let us pause and give thanks for the fact that Nelson Mandela lived—a man who took history in his hands and bent the arc of the moral universe toward justice." —President Obama

On Thursday Facebook’s traffic was higher, Mashable says, A total of 39 million people generated more than 80 million interactions related to Mandela’s death. As to be expected, South Africa was the second most active country in terms of posts about its former president, following only the United States.

Social Media is used in every aspect of life and business. Whether discussing personal or business, you can’t escape from Social Media madness. Those that don’t partake in social media are lagging behind in the business world. Although you may not enjoy being active on Social Media, it will help you grow your business, may even double your profits.

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Social Media sites such as Facebook, were created with the intention of keeping friends and families connected. Although that mentality still holds true, those that receive product recommendations or requests through friends or family will be much more trusted than coming from businesses. So as a business it’s important to post information that is heartfelt and relates to family and friend life. It will be susceptible to be shared and trusted coming from an inside source of the buyer. You will still profit and bonus: you products will be more trusted by doing so.

How to Post on Every Social Site

Being a social media manager, I have to know how to post on every single social site, even those ones nobody knows. However, in this day and age, every person is expected to have knowledge within social media sites. How is one to keep up with the ever evolving changes and updates?

Keep yourself in check with this helpful infographic, which lays out successful posts for each social media site. Although your business may not be active on each social site, it’s good to have background knowledge and basic education of them all. You never know what the next big thing will be!

How To Create Perfect Posts on Social Platforms [infographic]

What a Rotors Company Visit Taught Me About Social Media

Last week I went on a company visit to an engineering manufacturer. I am by no means an engineer and I don’t work for an engineer company. So your wondering what I was doing there? We went on a company visit to see how we could incorporate their business into social media. Now you don’t usually see engineering companies on social media, at least not successfully which is why we wanted to visit. We wanted to understand the ins and outs of the business, create goals and create a successful engineering online profile for social media sites.

Although intricate, the business runs like any other. Large machines and robots create rotors and stators, what they are known for, which are implemented in all kinds of devices, whether medical, automotive etc. The social media thinker in me took notes the whole time and brainstormed how this could be successful online, it takes some creative thinking to connect the dots. We took photos, notes and gained an understanding of the company as a whole. It was nice to be in their environment and get a feel for their business personality. In the age of electronics it’s worth it to take time and physically visit the place you are updating an online profile for. Don’t forget the importance of human contact!

Use Social Media for Lead Generation

Yesterday I talked about the impact social media can have on SEO and ranking improvement. Today I’m talking about using social media for lead generation.

A few years ago webmasters along with SEOer’s were able to throw in an enriched anchor text within a blog post and quickly rank. That isn’t the case today. The other day a client of mine complained about a 50% loss of traffic. I wasn’t surprised to hear this loss of traffic considering their SEO plan was only sticking to link optimizing, rather putting all eggs in one basket. Not everyone is only using Google. They are also using coupon codes, online reviews, and social media.

To gain rankings and traffic you must be active on sites with high traffic, makes sense eh? This infographic lays out how social media affects lead generation. Social media plays as a sole ROI maker along with a lead generator. Being active on a social site and gaining one extra customer than you had makes being on it worth it. Social media allows you to further your target market and gain customers you may not have had without being socially active.

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