Keep Your Customers Coming Back to Your Facebook Page

When it comes to Facebook marketing, there is a right and wrong way to do it. Working online, I’m looking at Facebook business profiles all day every day. I see what works and what doesn’t work. What works? Pull marketing, posting original content that is sharable. What doesn’t work? Push marketing, pushing your customers with sales posts. Remember the reason they are on Facebook in the first place. To connect with friends and family, not to be given a sales pitch.

I just finsihed reading this interesting article from Social Media Examiner. There are some good tips showing how you can keep your Facebook followers to keep coming back to your Facebook business page. Many times, you create that business profile and people interact with it when it is fresh and new but then they slowly fizzle away. Make sure to keep things interesting by posting original content on a regular basis, reaching out to customers by replying to them or giving exclusive deals to your Facebook followers. Read this article to find even more ways to keep them coming back.

Social Media is used in every aspect of life and business. Whether discussing personal or business, you can’t escape from Social Media madness. Those that don’t partake in social media are lagging behind in the business world. Although you may not enjoy being active on Social Media, it will help you grow your business, may even double your profits.

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Social Media sites such as Facebook, were created with the intention of keeping friends and families connected. Although that mentality still holds true, those that receive product recommendations or requests through friends or family will be much more trusted than coming from businesses. So as a business it’s important to post information that is heartfelt and relates to family and friend life. It will be susceptible to be shared and trusted coming from an inside source of the buyer. You will still profit and bonus: you products will be more trusted by doing so.

How to Post on Every Social Site

Being a social media manager, I have to know how to post on every single social site, even those ones nobody knows. However, in this day and age, every person is expected to have knowledge within social media sites. How is one to keep up with the ever evolving changes and updates?

Keep yourself in check with this helpful infographic, which lays out successful posts for each social media site. Although your business may not be active on each social site, it’s good to have background knowledge and basic education of them all. You never know what the next big thing will be!

How To Create Perfect Posts on Social Platforms [infographic]

What a Rotors Company Visit Taught Me About Social Media

Last week I went on a company visit to an engineering manufacturer. I am by no means an engineer and I don’t work for an engineer company. So your wondering what I was doing there? We went on a company visit to see how we could incorporate their business into social media. Now you don’t usually see engineering companies on social media, at least not successfully which is why we wanted to visit. We wanted to understand the ins and outs of the business, create goals and create a successful engineering online profile for social media sites.

Although intricate, the business runs like any other. Large machines and robots create rotors and stators, what they are known for, which are implemented in all kinds of devices, whether medical, automotive etc. The social media thinker in me took notes the whole time and brainstormed how this could be successful online, it takes some creative thinking to connect the dots. We took photos, notes and gained an understanding of the company as a whole. It was nice to be in their environment and get a feel for their business personality. In the age of electronics it’s worth it to take time and physically visit the place you are updating an online profile for. Don’t forget the importance of human contact!

Are You Annoying Your Facebook Audience?

Using Facebook for business is a necessary step in today’s world. Its more unusual if your business isn’t active on Facebook then it is if you are. However, did you catch that I word I just used active. The fact of having a Facebook page for your business isn’t good enough, you  need to be active on it. Meaning you need to create posts, talk to your audience, reply to customer reviews etc. But are you annoying your Facebook audience? Here are the top 3 ways to annoy your Facebook audience:

1. Not replying to your customers: what’s the point of having a Facebook profile if you aren’t going to use it? This is where you need to talk to your audience, answer questions, say thank you to their review, and make sure to reply, even if it’s negative.

2. Posting to often: so when I said have an active profile I meant posting 1 or 2 times per day, not 20. Don’t overdue it.

3. To long of posts: social media is where you get your message out in a short one liner, don’t create a paragraph as a status update and expect people to read it.