Are You Annoying Your Facebook Audience?

Using Facebook for business is a necessary step in today’s world. Its more unusual if your business isn’t active on Facebook then it is if you are. However, did you catch that I word I just used active. The fact of having a Facebook page for your business isn’t good enough, you  need to be active on it. Meaning you need to create posts, talk to your audience, reply to customer reviews etc. But are you annoying your Facebook audience? Here are the top 3 ways to annoy your Facebook audience:

1. Not replying to your customers: what’s the point of having a Facebook profile if you aren’t going to use it? This is where you need to talk to your audience, answer questions, say thank you to their review, and make sure to reply, even if it’s negative.

2. Posting to often: so when I said have an active profile I meant posting 1 or 2 times per day, not 20. Don’t overdue it.

3. To long of posts: social media is where you get your message out in a short one liner, don’t create a paragraph as a status update and expect people to read it.

Google + Circles to Join for the SEO’er

Google + is becoming a large social media site to be on. Not only because it is owned by Google but also because it is useful for users. Although it’s not my favorite social media site, I do enjoy popping on and seeing what my circles are up to. I like to post articles I’m interested to read, instead of always tweeting them, to come back to later and read through. I have come across interesting articles on Google + as well as influencers, it’s not so bad.

According to Social Media Today (a site I love and go to frequently) The top 10 circles for SEO’ers (search engine optimization) to follow are as follows:

1. Search Engine Land

2. Matt McGee

3. SEOMoz

4. Mashable

5. Google

6. Matt Cutts

7. SEOGadget

8. Joost de Valk

9. Andrew Shotland

10. Vertical Measures

Use Social Media for Lead Generation

Yesterday I talked about the impact social media can have on SEO and ranking improvement. Today I’m talking about using social media for lead generation.

A few years ago webmasters along with SEOer’s were able to throw in an enriched anchor text within a blog post and quickly rank. That isn’t the case today. The other day a client of mine complained about a 50% loss of traffic. I wasn’t surprised to hear this loss of traffic considering their SEO plan was only sticking to link optimizing, rather putting all eggs in one basket. Not everyone is only using Google. They are also using coupon codes, online reviews, and social media.

To gain rankings and traffic you must be active on sites with high traffic, makes sense eh? This infographic lays out how social media affects lead generation. Social media plays as a sole ROI maker along with a lead generator. Being active on a social site and gaining one extra customer than you had makes being on it worth it. Social media allows you to further your target market and gain customers you may not have had without being socially active.

Lead generation, social media,

Boost Your SEO With Pinterest

So you don’t think your company needs to use social media? Think again.

Social media is the new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and if you don’t start using it now, you will fall behind. I have had so many clients tell me they aren’t focusing on social media now and don’t need it for their industry. What they don’t know is social media is the new SEO. If you want to gain quality inbound links, social media is how you build them. Not only that but certain sites help gain your SEO credibility more then others.

Pinterest has become a huge center of information for users that come regularly. Using specific keywords within your Pinterest account will help people search for your items and will assist in your search engine rankings. How? Since Pinterest is so highly indexed within Google’s search engines, using terms within popular sites with high traffic will help your keywords do better in rankings. Check out this infographic below that lays it out.

Pinterest and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) #infographic


Facebook Updates Their Newsfeed Feature

Have you noticed lately that your news-feed now shows updates from hours earlier?

Just this morning I was browsing my news-feed, before getting out of bed the usual, when I noticed lots of the updates I were seeing were from the previous night. Even when I refreshed my page it was still showing “old” updates. Turns out that’s no mistake and it wasn’t just happening to me. Facebook updated their “story bumping” feature so posts that are relevant to you will show up in your news-feed and if you didn’t see them when they were posted then Facebook is taking those “old” updates and putting them into your news-feed when you do check in.

So how does Facebook’s news-feed actually work?

According to Mashable, the average person has about 1,500 daily possible stories that could possibly show up in your news-feed and out of that number you see about 20% of those stories. What 20% of those stories are you seeing and why those? Facebook assumes which stories will be more relevant to you based on your recent activity with those people, the number of likes/comments/shares those posts have, and a lot of other factors.

But don’t get too excited. This feature won’t drown out the ads. You will still be seeing those puppies.

Read more about the update here.